Amy Mendoza

Amy Mendoza, after talking with a police cadet about disturbance call against her. You can see Amy's left hand is bandaged after an MVA incident unrelated to this situation.

Born in 1974 in the outskirts of Brazil - she was raised in a poor environment with a broke family, however not bad enough for her to not be able to afford to pirate some of Vinewood's most popular, which had drawn a perfect city in Amy's mind - Los Santos. No crime, sunny all the time, everyone is rich and happy!

By the age of 19, she had graduated her high-school and moved to Los Santos to study law, but being caught up with local marijuana dealers she was expelled. She needed a place to stay until she could afford a ticket home, Clifton Banks had offered her a job and a stay at his house. The only problem that the job was stripping. It did not seem like a big problem for Amy at first, Clifton liked Amy's skill, despite her lack of experience at the time, and Amy mindlessly signed a contract that Clifton offered Amy. Amy was now a licensed full-time stripper at "Octopussy", no backing out, no going home...

After few months, Amy became famous with many people as the "Best Stripper of Los Santos" quoted by many, including Carry Saundres. Amy did not appreciate he fact that people expected Amy to also be a prostitute on the side, then Amy learned that that's how most strippers ended up in Los Santos...

Amy favorite car

Amy's favorite car, Esperanto, driving down the main street with Chelsea Luft visible in the background.

The day had come when Clifton Banks started asking if Amy wanted to work in "escort", Amy obviously denied, since she doesn't see much difference between Escort and Prostitution. However, Clifton argued that Amy is "always having sex" so why not earn money for it? That's when Amy realized there were more important things than money. It was too late to go home, she already had a car and a home here.

Eventually Clifton was fed up with Amy's continous refusal to work as an escort, so he had threatened Amy to do so or that he would "teach her a lesson". Amy recorded the message over the phone, and used it to battle the contract that she signed. She was no longer a stripper.

For the next few months she lives off well-fare and occasional bartering or unlicensed taxi driving. Her house is filled with luxury leftovers from the tips she used to get as a stripper. She is very happy to "save her dignity".

She currently lives in Seville Dead End, she owns a few vehicles, but prefers her red Esperanto over all of them, due to it's color, style and smooth driving. She usually wears a dress with high-heels and stockings.

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