Born in 1979, Anthony Veccaro - commonly known as “Tony” amongst friends is a 6ft, 210lbs man. Anthony has taken many paths in his life, starting off as a security agents, and then bouncers on doors and private parties. Anthony has been arrested more than once, due to fire-arms charges, after his brief envolvement with the Belpasso Crime Family.

Anthony came originally from Las Venturas, Los Santos. His father was abusive to his mother, and when his father died 15 year old Anthony and his mother fled to Liberty City until Anthony was 30 years old. Anthony's mother passed away, and Anthony was bound for Los Santos once again, this time he arrived at Idlewood, where he met friend Ronald Pompliano, a suspected Valenti Crime Family member. Anthony then continued meeting suspected and respected mobsters, such as Gregory Inserra, Edward Buffalino, William Penzario and also rekindled a friendship with his boyhood friend Richard “Richie” Miceardi.

Anthony was suspected of murdering a man, where he unveiled that he did start a fight with the man, but did not murder him, as he died hours later after the brawl. A series of murders shown up of which Anthony was suspected to have involvement with, due to his reputation as a murder-for-hire operative. Anthony's life still has many, many more exciting chapters; cars, houses and possibly children.


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