Office of Administration

Bureau of Licensing

Assistant Chief of Staff of Administration

Susan E. Licther

Director of Licensing

Ralphie R. Ross


Los Santos City Government


Licensing Officials and Senior Licensing Officials






[1]The Bureau of Licensing is part of the Office of Administration and responsible for a large number of duties. Licensing forms the backbone of local government mandate, making the Bureau an irreplaceable gear in the Los Santos Government.

Employees working in the Bureau of Licensing are known as Licensing Officials and Senior Licensing Officials. The Bureau of Licensing is controlled by the Office of Administration, but the daily operations are carried out by it's Assistant Director and officials. The Bureau is monitored by Assistant Chief of Staff of Administration Susan Licther and daily operations are carried out by Director of Licensing Ralphie Ross.

The Bureau of Licensing oversees the operation of businesses in the City of Los Santos and its surrounding counties (including Angel Pine and Fort Carson). The Bureau's goal is to provide efficient, effective, and responsible regulations for our businesses in accordance with government policy. We aim for a customer focused environment to tax-payers through management, assessment and application of best practices.

Besides business regulation, the Bureau of Licensing is tasked with educational and protest licensing. Educational licensing ensures that teaching personnel in the State of San Andreas is trained sufficiently to provide our citizens with the best education possible. Protests require a permit under certain circumstances to ensure people can freely express their opinion without creating a security risk.