[1]The Los Santos Bureau of Public Utilities is a bureau under the Los Santos City Government's Office of Public Services established by Mayor Rakesh Namir in October of 2014. It is dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure of Los Santos and the surrounding counties in San Andreas, and making sure that the cities most used systems such as transportation do not cease.

The bureau of public utilities is responsible for the construction, renovation, cleanliness and operation of City facilities and infrastructure. The Bureau builds the City's streets, installs its sewers, and constructs storm drains as well as public buildings, rights-of-way, and service facilities. In addition the bureau maintains all government vehicles and government owned public service vehicles.

The Bureau is responsible for maintaining the strength and functionality of all assets and facilities in Los Santos and the surrounding counties. The Bureau is responsible for regularly inspecting and improving different assets used in every day life by the citizens, ensuring they meet government standards and repairing them when they become faulty or are damaged.

A list of works the Bureau of Public Utilities executes:

  • Roadworks (resurfacing, constructing new roads, sidewalks)
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Landscaping (parks, beaches)
  • Maintainance of electric grid, water pipes, sewers and water systems
  • Upkeep of city facilities (PD, SD, FD, DOC, DoJ premises)
  • Sanitation duties (street sweeping, facility cleaning, garbage collection, et cetera)
  • City Impounding
  • Much, much more


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