The City Manager of Los Santos is one of the highest ranks in Los Santos City Government. If a current active Mayor is unable to perform their respective duties, and neither of the highest ranked roles (Dep. Mayor and Chief of Staff) are able to take on the role as interim mayor, the City Manager role becomes active.

A significant difference between the role as Mayor and City Manager is that the former is elected in elections, but the latter is appointed by State Government. Nevertheless, an appointed City Manager ought be a trusted and experienced person as he or she is given important responsibilities and tasks.

The role is interim until a new elected Mayor can succeed the previous one. This restricts the City Manager's active role in City and Senate. As a result of such limitations, it is difficult for a City Manager to implement any major changes or develop big projects that will most likely affect the succeeding Mayor.

List of City Managers Edit

# City Manager
1 Susan Licther
2 Charlotte Edevane
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