Codsworth is an LSRP admin and registered sex offender who has come under recent fire for his role the well known Bashkirov Piss Drinking Scandal. Codsworth has been known to use a voice changer to make himself look like a girl but in reality he’s a fat Cheeto covered weirdo. He also posts feminine pictures to further the idea of him being a girl.

Sexual Allegations Several underage boys have come forward in recent years to expose the trauma that Codsworth created in their lives. These underage boys were banned from LSRP for different reasons and they were all directed to appeal under Codsworth, even though Codsworth didn’t ban them. Upon posting their appeal to Codsworth’s section, they would receive a private message from Codsworth. Codsworth would state in the messages that the young boys would need to add Codsworth on Skype to further investigate their ban. Once added, Codsworth would tell the boys that they needed to take their clothes off on cam to get unbanned. If they refused, Codsworth would threaten to ddos them.

'Bashkirov Piss Drinking Scandal' The Bashkirov Piss Drinking Scandal is a well known scandal involving several high-up staff members. These staff members would visit Natasha Valentines sex dungeon to piss on LSRP members. They would pay Valentine and the LSRP members donator levels and name changes each visit. Codsworth was exposed after attempting to forcibly purchase Bashkirov and Theodore_Swanson (Wendy_Meyers).

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