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Dillimore (regularly incorrectly spelled as Dillmore or Dilimore), San Andreas, is a small town located to the north of the city of Los Santos . With the expansion of Los Santos, the distance between the two drastically decreased up to the point where the Vinewood area of Los Santos is almost bordering with Dillimore.


Dillimore is populated mainly by middle class caucasians. The African American population of Dillimore is smaller than that of the surrounding villages. This is believed to be a direct result of the occupation of the welcome pump' by the Mongols MC.

Dillimore consists mainly of starting families with middle-class income. Dillimore is proven to be the safest place to live in the State of San Andreas , most likely because the San Andreas Sheriff's Department has it's headquarters located in this town.

Businesses and noteworthy buildingsEdit

  • The Welcome Pump - The defunct headquarters of the Mongols Motorcycle Club (also known as Mongols MC, oftenly referred to just as 'the Mongols'). Even though the Welcome Pump is located close to the HQ of the SASD , the Mongols, being a criminal organization, sucessfully managed to operate from this building from December 2009 to September 2010.
  • Dillimore refueling station - A refueling station for cars and trucks. It was built in the 1950s and has been used till January 2011. During this time it was requently closed to for (re)construction, as the safety standards were both changed and strictly enforced.
  • Dilimore Pay 'n Spray - A small garage next to the welcome pump known to be able to repair visual damage on cars fast. This company specializes in paint jobs but also repairs flat tyres, exhausts, lights and other small damages on cars.
  • San Andreas Sheriff's Department headquarters - This building was built in 1952, as the then used SASD HQ didn't suit the needs of the SD anymore. The building was finished in November 1953. The new HQ was noticeably larger, and in a more strategic location than the old one based in Palomino Creek, which is still used now as a precinct.
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