Mayor of Los Santos
Residence Nixon Estate
Term length 3 years ((3 months))
The Mayor of Los Santos was the chief executive officer of the city. The Mayor hadan office in the Los Santos City Hall and resides at the mayor's personal residence.

The role as Mayor is different from the role as [ City Manager.

The position was abolished some time into Governor Rauner's term with Frank Underhill (R) being the 24th and the last person to hold the position.

List of mayors Edit

# Mayor
1 Graham Hart
2 Felix Mackie
3 Calvin Benton
4 Mark Patterson
5 Jim Hoover
6 Naomi Williams
7 Gary Keane
8 Brad Hoover
9 Susan Licther
10 Michael Kingsland
11 Jaime Olmos
12 Ian Lowe
13 Alexis Mauer
14 Allegra Nixon
15 Michael Mayfield
16 Brad Hoover
17 Allison Hall
18 Jonathan Schrader
19 Rakesh Namir
20 Frank Vaughn
21 Katherine Summers
22 Valentina Richardson
23 Cartier Jason
24 Frank Underhill (finale)

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