Rakesh Namir
Rakesh Namir
Rakesh Namir (19th Mayor of Los Santos)


April 2nd, 1970 (age 44)

Political Party

Rakesh Namir Adminstration


Ramita Namir




Nixon Estate


Armenian Apostolic Church

Rakesh Namir Adminstration
Party Leader: Rakesh Namir
Deputy Party Leader: Antonio Vasetti
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Rakesh Namir Adminstration overview
Formed March 15th, 2014
Headquarters City Hall
Employees 39 members
City Hall at night
City Hall

Rakesh Namir, former Mayor of Los Santos, was born on April 2nd, 1970 at the Abobyan Maternity Hospital which is nearby to his home town of Argel. Rakesh was born into a deprived family in the town of Argel, Armenia. His mother and father were married, and he had four siblings, one older sister and three younger brothers. His youngest brother Abet however died at the age of four months, nonetheless he and the rest of his family have managed to fight through life, his father working for the local bus company and when he grew of age, Rakesh and his two brothers began working as farm hands nearby. Rakesh’s mother and sister remained at home, tending to housework. Rakesh’s early life was a struggle, but through hard work and effort he and his family managed to keep themselves fed.

Rakesh was pulled away from his home country by a wealthy entrepreneur whom could provide Rakesh with employment overseas, in the United States of America. Rakesh moved to America many years ago so he could generate a large enough income so that he could send money home to his family. Rakesh initially worked for others, earning little and slowly began to believe the American dream may not be entirely true. This was until Rakesh brought it upon himself to found his own taxi company, and work for himself. Rakesh established “Rakesh’s Cab Co.” he brought over his brother Narek and employed several other immigrant workers from all over the world to contribute to his success.

Thanks to his successful cab company, Rakesh became a pillar of the community and began to be recognised in almost all of Los Santos’ communities. This encouraged Rakesh to become the civilian councilor, so he could accurately represent the communities’ views as he was disgruntled with the current state of Los Santos’ government. 

From there, Rakesh Namir successfully ran for Mayor in Q3 and spent his term improving the Los Santos Government by rebuilding the city, strengthening departmental relations, supporting community orientated policing, improving the government public image, successfully managing the licensing department, merging the child protection services with the Los Santos Government and establishing co-operation between the Fire Marshalls office and the LS Government.

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