San Andreas Correctional Facility
SACF building north angle

Construction Finished



San Andreas


Bone County


Est. 4,000

Agency Exctive

John Winnfield, Warden

Overview Edit

San Andreas Correctional Facility is the only active correctional facility within the state of San Andreas. It contains three departments, each of which contains two cellblocks. The prison is managed by Warden John Winnfield and the Deputy Warden Giovanni Poldilotta, also having two Majors in the High Command team which are Katie Clark and former Commisioner Galen Hawkins. These four people run the facility doing diffrent administrative tasks and representing the High Command team.

History Edit

The San Andreas Correctional Facility was constructed in October of 2012. At first, San Andreas Correctional Facility did not have a Warden and was instead managed by the Commissioners Board, which was at the time Assistant Commissioner Miles Conner, Deputy Commissioner Galen Hawkins, and Commissioner Dexter Abbruzi. The San Andreas Correctional Facility saw an advent of new technology and overall prosperity for the Department of Corrections, and majorly improved over the previous prison - Los Santos Prison. During the summer of 2013, the prison was raided often by criminals wishing to break out convicts housed within the prison. Doing so, they abused the visitation system almost every time. Knowing this, then Deputy Commissioner John Winnfield issued the SACF VISIT STOP order on June 7th, 2013. This order prohibited all types of visits within the correctional facility, with the exception of law enforcement interviews. After controversial changes to the lobby design, the SACF VISIT STOP was lifted by Commissioner Galen Hawkins on July 19th, 2013. Despite these new changes for security, the prison was continuously attacked by criminals. Soon after, the VISIT STOP was reinstated by Commissioner Galen Hawkins on August 15th, 2013. In the mean time, new members were inducted into the Command team of the Department of Corrections, which helped bolster prosperity in the prison. After a discussion with prison administration, the VISIT STOP was lifted for the final time by Deputy Commissioner John Winnfield on November 3rd, 2013. After this era of attacks, the prison adapted immensely to the skyrocketing amount of crime within San Andreas. Following controversy, Deputy Commissioner John Winnfield temporarily stepped down from his position as Deputy Commissioner. Soon after, Commissioner Galen Hawkins appointed Captain Giovanni Poldilotta to become an Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Corrections. Soon after, John Winnfield returned to his position as Deputy Commissioner, and many changes began to unfold. Soon enough, these changes eradicated the Commissioners Board and reinstated the Prison Warden system. Deputy Commissioner John Winnfield became the Warden of San Andreas Correctional Facility, and Assistant Commissioner Giovanni Poldilotta became the Deputy Warden of San Andreas Correctional Facility. Due to the tenacious amount of presence needed by prison administration, Captain Helen Reyna was appointed Deputy Warden of SACF on January 29th of 2014. The prison operated as normal, with no major changes until Deputy Warden Reyna stepped down on May 1st of 2014. Her replacement came quickly after, as Captain Tyrell Guillen was appointed Deputy Warden of SACF on the same day.

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