San Andreas Sheriff's Department HQ
Dillimore SASD HQ

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November 1953


Dillimore, San Andreas

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San Andreas Sheriff's Department

The San Andreas Sheriff's Department's headquarters is located in western Dillimore. The building was constructed in 1952 because the Department's Palomino Creek facility didn't sufficiently cater for the needs of the SASD anymore. Construction was concluded in November 1953. The new headquarters was noticeably bigger, and in a more strategic location than the previous one, which is still used today as a precinct. Since then, it has undergone many changes.


  • In 1984 a helipad was fitted to both the old and the new HQ to allow for emergency aircraft to land. The SASD didn't have helicopters at it's disposal at the time.
  • In 1997 the entire electrical system of the building was replaced and a connection to the internet was established.
  • Construction on a new underground parking garage for the HQ began in October 2009 and was finished and ceremonially opened by Sheriff Kylie Roberts in February 2010.
  • Major reconstruction began in July 2011 and was concluded by November 2011. With this reconstruction a new floor was added to the top of the building, containing offices and a conference room. Major changes were also made to the interrogation rooms and the deputies' cafeteria.
  • A large renovation was finished during the year of 2014 for the Sheriff's Department headquarters after the Rakesh Namir Administration ordered for change to this department's building was passed through State Legislature. The construction started July of 2014 and the construction finished mid September of the same year. This construction added more cells, a better room dedicated for pure processing of a criminal, a revamped cafeteria, Executive offices, Command offices, refurnished and redone interview and interrogation rooms, and a large briefing room.
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