Sergeant Trevon Lincon was born in Turkey on the 8th of May, 1995. Some say that Sergeant Lincon is the best Special Weapons and Tactics Officer that has ever graced the streets of Los Santos. Edit

Trevon Theodore Lincon was born in Turkey on the eighteenth of March, nineteen eighty-five.Some say he was the best special weapons and tactics operative that's ever served in the Los Santos police department. Trevon was a supervisor within the department as well, alongside this, Lincon was also a canine officer. He faced the ultimate sacrifice when Seda Altundal was found, by Bandit, his dog. To be a prostitute working for Carry Saunders. She was found with her trousers at her ankles, sucking on Maximilian Reyes and Chris Davenport's toes in his El Corona house. The end!

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